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New Concept of Art

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Meet Blaze Lojewski

Blaze Lojewski, a Renaissance man, physician and dentist by education, double specialty Medical Doctor by training. Scientist and art lover. Creator of "Psychism", a new Concept of Art, where The Viewer and passive participant becomes The Creator and The Performer. 

The term "Reductionism", recently introduced to the Art World by Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, perfectly complements the term "Psychism". "Reductionism" means that less information provided to our brains stimulates more imagination. Blaze's art is a combination of minimalism, monochromatism, total abstract, and psychoanalytical charts. His art is created to stimulate the soul, Psyche, not to analyze it.

Blaze calls his works "The Tools", the tools to stimulate viewer's imagination. The structure of the paint creates shadows on the white background which changes the effects and impressions. His works do not have ups, downs or sides, and can be observed from behind. "The Tools" do not have an established position on the wall and can be manipulated by viewers; likewise "The Tools" can manipulate viewers. 

"You don't see what You see and I want You to see what You want to see".

Blaze's works are simple and can be read by blind people. Please support Educational Center for Blind Children in Laski, Poland on

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